SURRENDER TO LOVE, historical romance suspense, coming soon...

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In SWORN TO LOVE, before LT Colonel Brendon Amherst can return to war and avenge the death of his men, he promises to watch over Lady Juliette Langston, an innocent beauty who must marry well to replenish the family's coffers.  When she captures Brendon's heart, he learns she is already promised to another and has no choice but to let her go.  Thrust into a marriage filled with lechery and danger, Juliette fights to survive while Brendon vows to save her even if it means she cannot forgive the past and he cannot be a part of her future.  


A sexy vigilante seeks revenge against American global investors who cheated her family out of millions of dollars.
LAKE INFERIOR  (WGA  registered)

A young woman on the verge of committing suicide, searches for  salvation in the clues of her mother's hidden past.  (Also a novel)
In SECOND CHANCE AT Love, Lord Whitby, a grieving widower, vows never to remarry, and when his best friend's sister, Lady Beatrix Amherst,  warns him of a notorious widow's plot to trap him into matrimony, he finds himself cornered and bound to Beatrix, a strong-willed woman, he never expected could free him from the chains binding his heart and crippling his spirit.  (Finalist in the Bobbi Smith's Creative Writing Challenge at RT Convention held in Orlando, Florida April 2009). 

END ZONE (WGA registered)

Injured, cocky, pro-quarterback fears he may never play again, crushing his dream of winning a Super Bowl, until a no-nonsense physical therapist and her cancer-stricken, teenage brother show him what it takes to become a true champion.