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          首頁 > 產品中心 > 壓力/差壓類儀表 >指針式差壓表 >DWYER 帶報警信號指針式差壓表 2000-SP

          DWYER 帶報警信號指針式差壓表 2000-SP


          DWYER 帶報警信號指針式差壓表 2000-SP



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          2000-SP MAGNEHELIC 壓差計在刻度的右側有一個亮紅色LED,顯示何時達到設定值。 現場可調,12-24伏直流電。 需要MP或HP邊框

          Service:Air and non-combustible, compatible gases. (Natural gas option available.)

          Wetted Materials:Consult factory.

          Housing:Die cast aluminum case and bezel, with acrylic cover. Exterior finish is coated gray to withstand 168 hour salt spray corrosion test.

          Accuracy:±2% of full scale (±3% on - 0, -100 Pa, -125 Pa, 10MM and ±4% on - 00,-60 Pa, -6MM ranges), throughout range at 70°F (21.1°C).

          Pressure Limits:35 psig (2.41 bar), HP option: 80 psig (5.52 bar).

          Overpressure:Relief plug opens at approximately 25 psig (1.72 bar), standard gages only.

          Temperature Limits:20 to 140°F. (-6.67 to 60°C).

          Size:4" (101.6 mm) diameter dial face.

          Mounting Orientation:Diaphragm in vertical position. Consult factory for other position orientations.

          Process Connections:1/8" female NPT duplicate high and low pressure taps - one pair side and one pair back.

          Weight:1 lb 2 oz (510 g), MP & HP 2 lb 2 oz (963 g).

          Standard Accessories:Two 1/8" NPT plugs for duplicate pressure taps, two 1/8" pipe thread to rubber tubing adapter and three flush mounting adapters with screws. (Mounting and snap ring retainer substituted for 3 adapters in MP & HP gage accessories.)


          2000-0-SP Differential pressure gage, range 0-0.50" w.c., with set point indicator.

          2001-SP     Differential pressure gage, range 0-1" w.c., with set point indicator.

          2002-SP    Differential pressure gage, range 0-2" w.c., with set point indicator.

          2005-SP    Differential pressure gage, range 0-5" w.c., with set point indicator.

          2010-SP    Differential pressure gage, range 0-10" w.c., with set point indicator.